In Memorandum



February 28th, 1995December 17th, 2008


Just short of his 14th birthday, our best friend had to move on.

While we are deeply saddened of his passing, it was time to go.

Tank gave us unconditional love and happiness his entire life, and

he was our best friend. While we will miss him greatly,

we celebrate his life.


We love ya buddy, Liz and Chris.




Hello, my name is Tank. My peeps sometimes call me “The fool” because of my clown like behavior.


Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born February 28th, 1995., which makes me an Aquarius…for any of you concerned ladies out there. J My favorite food is smoked chicken, which I get every year on my birthday. I am a non-smoker and non-drinker, and enjoy boating, camping, riding in the car, and going to the lake.


Here are some picsfeel free to share with any bitches you might know.



A fine specimen, if I may say so myself.



What a handsome devil, huh?


Hey look, I’m king of the world!


Here I am playing with my cousin Brutus.


Hey ladies, check out my cool ride.




With Emma.